De curând a fost tradusă în limba engleză cartea profesorului Masayoshi Matsumura 『ポーツマスへの道: 黄禍論とヨーロッパの末松謙澄』. Traducerea în engleză, cu titlul ‘Baron Suematsu in Europe during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-5). His Battle with the Yellow Peril’, îi aparţine profesorului Ian Ruxton de la Institutul de Tehnologie Kyūshu care subliniază importanţa acestui volum astfel:

“Baron Kencho Suematsu (Suematsu Kencho in Japanese) is a little-known figure but quite an important one in the history of Anglo-Japanese relations. An early introducer of Japanese culture to a Western audience, he was also the first translator of ‘Genji Monogatari’. This book helps to give some background about him and his upbringing, first in Kyushu then Tokyo and finally at Cambridge University. I felt it was important to translate this book in order to help make his name more widely known and to underline that there were some Japanese students at Cambridge University in the 19th century.”


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