A apǎrut volumul Manga Girl Seeks Herbivore Boy: Studying Japanese Gender at Cambridge editat de prof. Brigitte Steger şi prof. Angelika Koch. Iatǎ o scurtǎ caracterizare a conţinutului.

     “Japan‘s gender roles are in turmoil. Traditional life courses for men and women are still presented as role models, but there is an increasing range of gender choices for those uncomfortable with convention. This collection of studies from the University of Cambridge provides fascinating insights into the diversity of gendered images, identities and life-styles in contemporary Japan – from manga girls to herbivore boys, from absent fathers to transgender people. “



Volumul cuprinde următoarele studii:


  1. Introduction: Gender Matters (Angelika Koch and Brigitte Steger)
  2. Manga Girls: Sex, Love, Comedy and Crime in Recent Boys’ Anime and Manga (Hattie Jones)
  3. Absent Fathers: Fatherhood in Moral Education Textbooks in Postwar Japan (Zoya Street)
  4. All the World’s a Stage: Herbivore Boys and the Performance of Masculinity in Contemporary Japan (Chris Deacon)
  5. Resistance and Assimilation: Medical and Legal Transgender Identities in Japan (Nicola McDermott)