Pe 8 septembrie a apărut la editura Routledge monografia The Organisational Dynamics of University Reform in Japan:International Inside Out de Jeremy Breaden, profesor în domeniul studiilor japoneze la Universitatea Monash din Australia.

 Volumul este prezentat după cum urmează în anunţul de lansare:

“The book offers a new approach to the study of internationalisation in Japan by proceeding from the ‘inside out’. It presents an extended case study of one university organisation that has been changed through its adoption of a radical program of internationalisation. Through this case study Jeremy Breaden identifies patterns by which internationalisation is situated in administrative discourse and individual action, and determines how these patterns in turn shape organizational practice. The result is a multi-dimensional narrative of organisational change that advances our understanding of both the dynamics of university reform and the concept of internationalisation, one of the most durable yet contentious themes in the study of contemporary Japanese society. With detailed analysis and an in-depth case study, this book will be of interest to students and scholars of Japanese studies, sociology and anthropology. It will also prove valuable to professionals and policy makers working in higher education, both in Japan and around the world.”

Volumul este constituit din următoarele capitole:

Introduction: Internationalisation from the Inside Out

1.      Japanese Higher Education Reform: Adaptation and Alignment

2.      Making Sense of University Internationalisation

3.      Inside the Academy

4.      Managing the Global Campus

5.      Organising Internationalisation

6.        Administrators and Administrated

7.        Mobilising Conflict

8.        Conclusion: Winners, Losers and Internationalisation Reconsidered